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You’re already wearing a lot of hats. If strategizing, implementing, or scaling your email program is a burden on your bandwidth, let us take that off your plate.


In the Inbox strives to create meaningful consumer journeys through lifecycle marketing, personalization, and automation, while analyzing data to optimize results, all to keep your ROl on the up and up.


We specialize in complete email solutions, using our channel expertise for the growth and profitability of your brand.

Email Marketing Audit

Get fresh eyes from an outside expert to evaluate your entire email program from acquisition to performance, complete with our recommendations in a live presentation.

Marketing Automation

Let us develop email and SMS campaign flows that engage your customers with the right content at the right time, executed from strategic wireframing to QA and launch.

Full-Service Campaign Management

If you need to delegate your email channel, we’re here to own it from planning and scheduling to building, testing, and reporting, just like we’re part of the team.

Email Marketing Consulting

We offer expert guidance on all things email, like reporting and analytics, automation strategy, campaign testing and optimization, best practices, and program reviews.


Our team has a holistic understanding of how each of the following components of an email program work together to drive success.

From Building and Sending...

List Growth

Subscribers come and co, but maintaining a consistent flow of new subscribers is essential to a healthy program.

Messaging & Design

Clean design and relevant content are what subscribers demand in exchange for their email address.

Deliverability Management

Proactively and intentionally manage your campaigns to ensure your emails avoid the junk folder and reach your subscribers’ inboxes.

... To Optimization and Growth

Test & Learn

What works today may not work tomorrow, but your subscribers are your best resource to learn and improve from.

Subscriber Engagement & Metrics

Spot key performance indicators from your current campaign to measure the value of your messages.

Campaign Optimization

Technology can streamline how and when you communicate with subscribers exactly when they want to hear from you.


"Working with Bryan was a DREAM! He built our email campaign and creative strategy from the ground up and I can honestly say I've never had a smoother partnership."
"Bryan took lead on data integrations, experiments, and reporting. He ran the most efficient weekly checkins I've ever engaged in with a vendor."
"Working with Bryan was absolutely fantastic! His insights allowed our brand to create an effective solution for our email marketing. With his expertise, we created many new automations that helped increase our email revenue and conversion."

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